jom - Composer, DAW-Engineer, Producer.

I began early musical studies in Southern CA on classical guitar, later expanding to jazz piano as I became more interested in modern composition.  In my teens I played in various band settings and did some studio work on group and solo guitar.  Moving to San Francisco in the mid 70's I focused on solo guitar improvisation, performing regularly at The Vorpal Gallery, and soon became interested in doing concert production.  After my day job, doing computer systems, I created innovative concerts for soloists and small ensembles, performing works from classical to jazz in a variety of venues.  From small popular dinner shows such as "Acoustic Cafe at La Bodega", to art galleries - as in my "Sunday Concerts at the Intersection" series.   I offered a sophisticated audience a musical adventure.

For the last decade I have focused my musical time on original compositions for guitar,  piano, voice, and computer DAW virtual instruments.  I do my own recording and engineering in my "DAW-solo" home studio and have self-produced two concept albums:  "LoveSpace" and "When The Darkness Falls", which can be explored via my jom-Music page.  I return to concert production in 2015 with New Acoustic Music at Island Yoga.  For details, just click the following NAM-series (2015) link.

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