06/08/2018: updated website launched (v1.0).  This site includes HTML5 audio players and multi-tier song libraries. Currently all my "Albums" are represented while Independent "Songs" will start populating in a few weeks.  The DAW-Engineering page will soon expand with a number of self-created articles of interest open to user feedback.   Email me your response and I will selectively publish them.


02/15/2019: updated website (v2.0) released.  Added a left-pane section for my favorite Streaming Audio sites.  Just click on your icon of choice to go to my music page therein. I have also made numerous enhancements and extensions to my existing jom-songs pages to provide more focused info with improved graphics.   



Jom-Music Options

Purchase of JOM-Music is entirely optional.  From my website you can listen to full songs then freely download those qualifying, without charges or questions.  PayPal "Donate" is offered but not mandatory.  (Audio @192k MP3).


Streaming Sites

Favorite international playlist/purchase sites where my music is featured.  This streaming is enabled only on Jom-Music/Singles not listed with a "Download" option. 

(Audio @256 - 320k MP3)