by -jom-

(Single Tracks)
(Single Tracks)
Miscellaneous tracks either (1) not included in an album as yet, or (2) presented as remixes. Listen below to full songs at 192k mp3 [Click ARROW]. Select a Streaming Site for higher audio resolution.

Composed/Performed/Recorded/Mixed by jom.
Songs residing at "" are restricted to 192k MP3 - while many Streaming sites "preview" audio clips at only standard sound quality. When Download or Playlist options are Streaming-site-selected, full audio fidelity is revealed at 256 - 320k MP3.

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Purchase of JOM-Music is entirely optional.  From this website you can listen to many full songs then freely download those qualifying, without charges or questions.  PayPal "Donate" is offered, but not mandatory.  (Audio @192k MP3).


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Some favorite international playlist/purchase sites where my music is featured.  Their higher quality audio-streaming is enabled only for my Jom-Music/Singles selections. 

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