I created the following "Audio Fidelity" diagram for BandZoogle users.  Please take time to study it a little and be better prepared to understand related detail in use of native "WinZip", and whatever WAV editor you have built into your O/S.  (A very popular free internet editor program is "Audacity").  WinZip will break-out the WAV files contained in your download then Audacity, or native O/S app, can organize and play the results, allowing for relatively straight-forward ranking by Audio Compression, Bit Depth, and Sample Rate.  The Minimal and Optimal "High-Def" WAVs are significantly larger and more detailed than CD.  You will hear the difference!


   jom = ALL Compositions, Performance, Arrangements, Recording, Mixing, Mastering.               

Website - design and execution.



Lia = Photographics: homepage main-image, "Love Space" album Cover.


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